Odd Phone Call

Many years ago, in fact sometimes it feels like it was another life on another planet, I used to be a youth pastor in a large church.
By many standards – we rocked!
Sure I was pretty proud of the leaders I had trained up (many now in full time ministry around the nation) I was pretty stoked with the 100’s of kids coming along each week. We trained these young leaders in the art of follow up and cold (and warm!) calling young people and their friends to ask them to come along to youth group next week, to tell them we cared and see if they wanted to catch up or be in a small group or whatever.

Many years went past, much water under the bridge.

The phone just rang and a ‘cutesy’ young girl voice was on the phone, it went like this;

“Hello Mr Vawser, this is **** form the [local youth group] (the same one from my past!) I am ringing to let you know that I have your daughters name on a list of young girls who may be interested in coming along to youth group Friday night…” stop to take a breath…”It starts with a ‘pre-show’ at 4.30 and then youth begins proper at 5.30 to 7.30 I know Mikaela would love it if she came along and if she did love it she could join me in my small group we have a great group of young girls and they all have a great time would you like to pass this message on if its ok with you of course…” she breathed again 🙂

I had so many thoughts rushing through my head… I was spinning, it was odd.

“She has no idea who I am, I could be some antagonistic pagan Dad anti church, thinking – ‘who is this young girl trying to get my daughter into some cult?'”

“She should know who I am and that I helped start this thing she is ringing about”

“Oh you are so full of pride you jerk Scott”

“Do I want my daughter to be a part of something that I walked away from, something that I question so much of its long term value?”

“What right do I have to choose for my daughter what she does and does not attend when it comes to church?”

“This upbringing did no harm to me” (that hasn’t taken a decade to unpack!!!)

So I took the note down.

I couldn’t help but press a bit further and ask her about small groups, ministry philosophy, core values, mission vision and doctrinal statements…ok not all of the above! 🙂

Then I thanked her for calling and hung up tingling, odd…life is odd.


5 thoughts on “Odd Phone Call

  1. classic!!!

    i think the way we are dealing with that situation is through possibly restricting exposing our kids to the local, smaller, less mega-versions before they become more like what we both walked away from (after firmly establishing 😉

    but heck – some of the best years of my life were in that machine, and like you said, it’s nothing 10 years and a commitment to serious counselling can’t help unravel – classic!!!

  2. you should help the girl in her training by playing the pain in the butt parent role. its for her own good….

  3. 8.15am Friday morning…. rushing to get kids in car for school…. ring…ring…

    hi, this is X from Whitford Church…. Jesse came to small groups on wednesday night and we just wanted to let him know Raw NRG was on tonight. We’d love it if he came along…

    Sorry, he has his sister’s birthday on tonight and is kind of already involved in the youth group at LJBC on thursdays.

    oh that’s awesome… anyway, we just thought we’d let him know it was on tonight. see ya


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