My Book Shelf

Someone invited me to join Shelfari, I think it was Rodney Olsen.
I have had some fun with it. You can see all the books I have read and desire to read as they are sitting on my shelf. It also gives people an idea of what is on my wish list in case they have a copy or just want to buy me a gift coz they love me!
So if you want to see what I am read, have read or want to read or just get your own Shelfari have a look~


4 thoughts on “My Book Shelf

  1. hmmmm did you see all the problems Rodney had with it continuously spamming his enitre address list.

    think i’ll be staying away from that one.

  2. Struth, I had not heard that. They did ask me to tick a box to give them permission to have access to ny address book, but I declined. Plus I have a Mac so it’s much hard to mess with πŸ™‚

  3. I was momentarily thinking how much cooler Shelfari looks than (which I use for all our books). But the comment by deano made me feel much better. LOL. Then the comment about your having a Mac made me sad again – I miss my Macs 😦

    Cheers, Tamara (Christopher’s mum and Garry’s ‘great wife’). The Camel Trophy videos are a great hit by the way – thanks!

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