Water Weekend

Well you know it starting to look like summer when you drop in to your neighbors house and they are all out at the pool having a beer…and you join them!
You know it’s summer when the howling easterly starts up around 3 am!
You know it’s summer when you spend at least 10 hours of your weekend in or at the water!

I took my loaner kayak that I obtained through a Facebook contact from South Perth Church to the Swan river the other day. It was my second trip on it, the first was out and around Hillarys boat harbor.

The breeze was a bit strong Sat morning but that just made for harder training! Push…PUSH!
I put in just under the old east Perth power station and headed up river, upon my return I was greeted by a pod of about 5 dolphins. In fact both time I have gone out now I have paddled with dolphins, quite a nice experience, they come right up to and under the kayak, like within a foot of me!

Then today I took the kids for a picnic up the Avon river. We went to the opening of the Northam Church of Christ building, then took off for a spot I stop at from time to time on my way home from Northam. Not enough water to get the kayak off but we had some tubes and body boards and had heaps of fun rock hoping and surfing VERY small rapids 🙂

The Kayak is not a true sea kayak, it is only 4.1M long, but it is doing the trick. My muscles are working hard, and I am having a great time! I have not fallen in yet, well I did a few months ago when I went out with a mate Geoff.


One thought on “Water Weekend

  1. good to see you are getting out, always good when the wild life get close
    no worry s your kayak is just over 4 meter. Like you said if you are getting out in and enjoying and getting fit all good

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