Mobile Phone Plan

How many people out there have an old mobile phone in a cupboard somewhere?
It still works, but you just upgraded at some point and tucked the old one away in a drawer somewhere with the charger and cover etc.
In fact I know some of you have 2 or 3 tucked away in that drawer! Old big Nokia’s and Sony’s – you are too conscious about the environment to throw them into some land fill and a bit too lazy to work out what to do with it to dispose of it any other way than chucking it in the bin.

Now I can help you!

Just tell me if you have one…


Tell me if you need one.

Then I will put the two of you in contact with one another and one person gets more space in his/her drawer and one gets a phone.

Either email me, or just pop your email here as a comment and tell me if you are looking for a phone or looking to give one/some away.


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