More on Environment

THE Australian Conservation Foundation rates Labor well ahead of the coalition on climate change and environment policies, but still below 50 per cent.

In the first of a series of progress scorecards throughout the federal election campaign, the environmental group gave Labor a 49 per cent mark against the coalition’s 21 per cent.

The Australian Greens gained the highest score of 93 per cent, followed by the Australian Democrats on 90.

Family First fared second worst with 31 per cent.

Hmmm interesting! Guess who are not getting MY vote!! Not Libs, not FF that is for sure!

Sitting in bed enjoying reading the Australian on my perfectly functioning Apple Macintosh Macbook! YAY!!


2 thoughts on “More on Environment

  1. So what will make you decide between Dems and Greens? I hope you vote for us because we’ve done the most for the environment. We launched an inquiry into the Greenhouse effect in 1988 which concluded in 1991 that it was caused by human activity.

    I’m of course talking of the Democrats.

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