Preparations Begin

Next Jan/Feb I am doing a big 9 day paddle across the Macquarie Harbour Tasmania and up the Gordon River to the Franklin and back again to Straughn where we started.
This will be done on Sea Kayaks we will hire in Straughn.
It is my 40th birthday present to myself, sadly my mates/family from Perth have not been able to join me and my buddy from VIC Neale M so it looks like it will be Neale and myslef and a mate of Neale’s.

Training comes in 3 parts;
1) Physio for a stuffed neck/shoulder muscle which stared yesterday – I can’t hardly move I am in so much pain, I have to go back today for more torture!

2) Upper body building, sit ups, push ups etc.

3) Paddling on a boat…

This is where you come in.
I need you (preferably those living in Perth/WA) to help me find a Kayak I can use at no cost to me 🙂
You know, the kind of person who has bought one and it’s sitting in the shed gathering dust and needs a few months of use to brush out the cobwebs.

Think about it…the person next door? Your cousin? Your parents?
There must be one somewhere I can borrow!


3 thoughts on “Preparations Begin

  1. I know someone! Russell’s best mate steve ockenfels. i dont know if you know him or not. I think ive seen him use his once in the last 5yrs – call russ and see if russ can hook you up with him. im sure he wouldnt mind

  2. if it’s a double (or if you end up with two) I’ll commit to early morning training sessions with you till you go

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