One thought on “This is Gold

  1. Yeah, our little family did almost precisely this – including moving into a neighbourhood together (4 families) and lived it for about 6 years – amazing experience, but it had a life span and we have now moved on, although 2 of the families are still there.
    The point about being outside a lot is critical – especially being outside on Sunday morning we found.
    The one thing lacking in this list though in my opinion is some intentionality about being active in the neighbourhood – not just being there. And I don’t just mean active socially, but as an expression of a commitment to be ‘good neighbours’.
    We got involved in a few organised things, and also organised some of our own – bbqs at the local shop (the only truly neutral regular public meeting space left), picnics in the park to welcome the many Sudanese refugees who were in our area, gardening projects for some elderly neighbours, moving house for some refugee families, we threw a few dollars and smiles in the direction of a couple of local initiatives (like a kid’s skipping class, and a ladies walking/exercise group). We had some dough available! A couple of street parties, etc, etc.
    And the whole deal for us was an expression of our shared commitment to faith and justice.
    Oh yeah, and lots of laughs.

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