Savings Tips

We get a regular email from Simple Savings. It contains a weekly tip on how to save money.
This week answered a question I was investigating recently.
After recent o/s trips I have a couple of photos I thought were worth sticking on a canvas frame. But upon investigation I discovered for the print alone it was over $80, thin I would have to stick it on a frame.
This week simple savings recommended a web site (Aussie) that does it for a very good price.
If you want some nice prints on your walls of snaps you have taken, have a look at this.


One thought on “Savings Tips

  1. Just checking 2 c wot u’r up 2. We 2 would like to canvas some of our own photos. I looked at the website but with postage it would work out more than what I’ve looked in2 at local shop. ‘Will keep looking.

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