Off for a Week

Heading to Sydney today just for a night to catch up with some old ACOM mates at National Conference (sweet new web site). I am traveling with Mark ob1 and it would seem that our conversation agenda has been set by the weeks conversation on his “Mission beyond the Saucer” post!! Matt has suggested some points for us to discuss on the flight to determine the “biblicity” of our Joondalup group 🙂
I then travel up to the Gold Coast tomorrow as I get to be the co – MC the NYMC convention for the next week with Brenton from One Community Church in Vic. (That’s where my mate Neale M is!) On the Thursday I am running a couple of “Open Space Technology” sessions. I love this stuff and am surprised it has not caught on quicker as a conference style. One of the best facilitators around lives right here in WA!
At the end of the week, I plan to make myself disappear for a day or so and head up to the Sunshine coast hinterland to visit the guy we know as “me trying to look philosophical” formerly known as “gutless peace activist” and previously known as “Garry”. Check his life out here.
I am actually looking forward to this part of the trip most of all…but don’t tell ACOM or Youth Vision that bit as I know I am meant to be ‘pumped’ about all these conferences 🙂


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