This is Ugly

“Anything that I possess that I
don’t actually need is stolen from somebody else”

Dorothy Day.

Gary – Please refrain from posting these kind of quotes on my site…it may actually cause me to feel uncomfortable, and God help us if that happens to any of us… 😉 hmmmm

One thought on “This is Ugly

  1. I know! And that was not all she said!
    but, you’re the one who started quoting her, and don’t forget, the quote you chose has ‘harsh and dreadful’ in it…
    actually, her life is so inspirational to read, that you can forgive her for being so principled and courageous! 🙂
    (I hate having to be principled and courageous).
    Nearly every episode in her life oozes some kind of joy that I can only begin to understand.
    But, yeah, she is certainly strong medicine. You have to ask ‘why would she choose to experience so much hardship for so long?’ Was she obsessive? cruel to herself? psychotic? or, was she onto something?
    There are heaps of stories about her life that show that she was just being true to herself and her convictions, and I doubt that you or I would have found her to be judgemental towards someone who was struggling to follow their conscience, even if their lifestyle didn’t approach hers.
    Now, I might be judgemental towards myself, but that is another matter altogether.

    harsh and dreadful love,


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