Oh Happy Day…

My Day.
The last few days I have been waking up at 4am for some reason, today was no different.
Didn’t walk, felt crappy.

Printed out a letter I have needed to get out. I did proof it 3 times as I am a bad speller, as you all know!
AFTER printing, my friend from work emails me and says I have better do a spell check as it’s filled with errors.
I read it again, none. I tell him so.
He emails me back – “Read it again“. I discover a missing bracket! )
I email him and he says, “Many more!” – So I say “fix it yourself and give it to me PLEASE!
I look at the clock and see I am running a bit late for a meeting.

I jump on the scooter, take the short cut that ‘otherendup’ showed me through a bike path and down Edgewater drive, sweet! I can fly along here, no, traffic lights few cars…except for that white one up there with lights upon the roof…aghhh there is a freindly looking man in a uniform waving to me.
Yes, the mighty Vespa attracts her first speeding fine!
It was a 50 zone and I was 20 over, a $250 fine and 4 points I think.
The guy takes one look at my sweet ride and is taken aback, why wouldn’t you be? I ask!
He asks all the questions. By this time I have pulled off the road have the stand up, helmet off and we are walking around the bike chatting about all the specs. He loves it!
He suggests that maybe I was doing just under 70 (nudge nudge) bringing the fine down to a neat $150. (bugga!) and 2 points. Not bad considering it’s the first one for many many years.

But it looks sweet on the study desk next to Monday’s parking fine of $50 aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

I took off feeling not so bad after having shared the joy of the Vespa with an officer of the law, as I headed over the next hill I noticed the dark rain clouds and the spots on my visor, it was shaping up for a wet one. I pulled over and ‘geared up’.
I arrived at my meeting at head office just minutes late, but wet.

Seeing a break in the rain after my meeting was over I jumped on without my wet gear on and headed just around the corner to visit my Grandpa to tell him that Dad was sick in hospital with bronchial pneumonia. On the way, it bucketed, I got wet (again)! Grandpa was also in bed sick, we prayed a bit together for Dad, and Him, he’s an old trooper at 94!

I moved my wet body back outside into the poring rain and ‘geared up’ for a wet ride, not that it mattered anymore I was cold and wet, and my old gore-tex jacket has lost its ‘gore‘…and most of its ‘tex‘ as well!

I arrived at the mount hospital to visit Dad, Mum was there too, I was wet…we had some lunch a good chat and home I came…cold and wet.

Now I have uggies on, a hand knitted jumper and tracky daks! And I am finishing off some work and feeling sorry for myself…but happy to be blessed with my Vespa, my wife and family.

I don’t mind getting busted for speeding or parking in the wrong bay at Leederville so much, even being told I am a lousy speller, I mean it sucks and you wear it, but ultimately they are all right. I am a bad speller, I was speeding and I did park in the wrong place, no bodies fault but mine. I could blame Matt for showing the short cut – all his fault, NOT! Or my mate from work who was emailing me and ‘making me late’ for the meeting so I ‘had’ to speed, NOT! It was all me.
What peeves me is when people spend their time dreaming up ways to make other people suffer for the way their life has turned out. “It was my Dad’s fault, he was an alcoholic”,
“I was abused”, “Someone looked at me the wrong way”, “the government don’t know how to govern and now I am a mess”, “cops are always out to get me”, and so on. I hear this stuff, in fact I sometimes hear myself say this stuff, “If only that guy had given me this opportunity, things would have been different” etc.

So enough waffle, all I am saying is this, today I am going to wear the fines, the wet clothes all day, my dad in hospital, my Grandpa sick in bed, the false accusations (yes, not everyone loves me!!), the parking ticket, the fact that I was grumpy at my wife when I walked in…I will wear the fact that it was ME, my deal, all me, I made some bad choices this week and I will pay. ($200) And some bad things are going down this week that I have no control over, and that is just life, highs and lows, life.
Have a good weekend 🙂


2 thoughts on “Oh Happy Day…

  1. yes i have a had a week like that too.

    4 times called into the managers office to explain my actions.

    one time i could blame Hamo for that funny picture that he has on his blog – even though i was selective in whom i forwarded it to it seems it’s not appropraite for work email (come on!!!)…

    but hey i chose to send it, and the manager chose to not like it… the other’s were all my fault, i could blame being so busy but the fact is i still forgot something that could have cost RACQ a fair bit of money….

    but 4 call in to the office to explain myself is a bum… specially since it’s the first time in 5 years i’ve had to.

    and especially cause my manager resigned this week and i want his old job!

    gotta lift my game!

  2. there is a reason we have trials and tribulations, were just blessed you dont need me to tell you what you all already know?

    scotty 🙂

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