Coffee Stats for You

Quarter of Aussies ‘addicted to coffee’
One quarter of Australians are addicted to coffee and cannot function without it, a survey reveals.
In a Home Beautiful magazine poll of 552 people, 26 per cent of respondents admitted they were addicted to caffeine.

About 12 per cent said they drank four or more cups of coffee a day while 14 per cent said they drank up to three cups every day.
The self-proclaimed addicts said they could not speak to anyone before they had their first caffeine hit in the morning.
“Coffee is the life blood of Australians, it’s what makes us get out of bed in the morning,” Home Beautiful magazine editor Wendy Moore said.
“This survey proves how integral coffee is to everyday life – without it, Australia could come to a standstill.”
The survey found one quarter of Australians never drink coffee and prefer tea or juice.
About 27 per cent of those polled said they had about two cups of coffee a day as a way to relax, while 24 per cent said they drank one cup or less a day and only while catching up with friends.
According to the Australian Coffee Traders Association, Australian coffee drinkers consume 2.4kg each a year, compared to just over half a kilogram 50 years ago.

I have to confess, although I LOVE coffee I would only average a cup a day…ok, maybe 2.


10 thoughts on “Coffee Stats for You

  1. I thought I was probably addicted until I gave it up for Lent. I missed it, but didn’t have any withdrawals.

    I think its because these days I have a maz of 3 / day whereas in my instant days I was drinking 5 or 6

  2. I have 2 a day – almost without exception. On rare occaisions however I have 3 or 4. I can function quite well without my coffee, but I do get a nasty headache around 2pm if I miss it.

    Price you pay for using a drug. A headache is small punishment as far as withdrawal goes though.

    I do love the whole process or roasting and brewing my own.

  3. i think many people are probably addicted to the image, routine and ritual of coffee drinking more than hard core addicted to caffeine per se.

  4. I love the whole coffee process too! Although, I very rarely touch the stuff. I love the smell and what not and I love making the perfect coffee, and doing the milk just right, but I dont ever drink it.

    eewww….I have too much of a sweet tooth 🙂

    I have done the odd silly thing like have ‘shot’ competitions while at work on late nights – kept me abuzz for HOURS!

  5. Big time coffee fan – but not addicted at all.

    I usually have 2 or 3 a day, but when i’m busy or on holidays or anything I never miss it.

    Coffee is an enjoyment thing for me, if i’m tired i don’t have a coffee for a pick me up, it’s never really worked like that for me anyway…

  6. I agree with ‘udder’. I think there is a lot of ritual involved – just like the thing I most miss about smoking a pipe is nothing to do with nicotine; it’s the rich-u-wool baby!

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