Ever Get Frustrated With Telstra?

Obviously people do get frustrated with them, have a look at this “Myths Told By Telstra” site…
Here’s one to get you started –

Telstra myth
“With Next G, Telstra is delivering a nationwide broadband network and suite of services that represent an unparalleled combination of reach, speed and applications.”

The Facts

  • Telstra does not meet basic Government-determined requirements on price, speed and services for regional areas.
  • Tests of seven Telstra Next G handsets found inferior performance compared to CDMA products.
  • Telstra’s Next G network is not an affordable alternative to fixed broadband services. Read more…

2 thoughts on “Ever Get Frustrated With Telstra?

  1. All true

    We had a Telstra rep in the other day – because we’ve moved some of our mobile fleet to NextG broadband data… and not liking it.

    The rep seems to say they’re working on all the issues (not convinced)

    But one of the interesting things he did say was that 3G mobile phones in Australia are a really poor design. After having thousands of complaints about coverage Telstra tested the leading 3G phones and found all of their aerials are below the current standard for picking up Australian 3G signals.

    He told us there’s actually only 1 or 2 phones that are just being released with good enough aerials.

    Is this information being passed to the public? not from any Telstra shop I’ve seen, they’re still selling all the models of Phones, and as many of them as possible….

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