Book to Read.

This weeks great book recommendation.
I don’t often disappear into a novel, in fact over the last year or so I have struggled to get into any novels.
But Dad gave this to me and said I should have a read. He tempted me by suggesting it was educational as it is based on true events in the Catholic Church in the 1200’s. Some history hey?

Sylvia is a story of the Children’s Crusade, which occurred in the year 1212. It is perhaps the strangest true event to have taken place in European history. It is also a story of how, throughout some of the darkest medieval times, the redeeming power and strength of a young woman’s love and intelligence prevail over poverty, brutality and bigotry.


One thought on “Book to Read.

  1. read it. loved it, but not for the faint hearted. i loved how the powerful had to continually frame everyday events to keep their power relevant. i loved how sylvia had the guts not to except their world view and yet had the heart to keep her faith.

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