Internet Issues

Been having a nightmare with my internet connection.
I had a slow connection with a massive download allotment – 24gig, which I never came close to using.
So I went to iinet and asked for a faster connection, but in doing so I went to less download, no issue, so I thought.
Well, first of all, nothing happened. Nothing, the speed seemed the same, nothing.
So I rang and they said I needed a new modem as my oldie was not able to bring on the higher speeds and my home was too far from the exchange to really get the goods. I did not want to move house, nor buy a new modem, so they suggested tweeking the modem a little, I did so, to my peril! I have had endless drop outs and hours off line. And in the middle of al this I hit a snag I had never encountered before – I went over my limit and they cut me down to 64k!!
So now I have my speed back as it’s a new month, and my mate came and fiddled with the modem yesterday as he thinks someone else has been using my connection, and everything went down for the last 12 hours. IInet has now helped me untweek that which they tweeked some weeks ago so now it looks like I am back in operations again. We will see!!!


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