Bottled Water Anyone?


4 thoughts on “Bottled Water Anyone?

  1. hmm i feel a little better about always finding a tap to drink from instead of buying bottled water.

    or to fill up my own bottle from a tap.

  2. Our workplace installed water filters – everyone just fills and re-uses their own bottles now. In some cities in the UsA they are banning the sale of bottled water in public building and have installed water chillers/filters instead. 90% of employees are supportive of the move.

  3. yeah, a filter does the job for us, too. We just keep refilling bottles from the tap via the filter. The only water we have is rainwater harvested off our roof – a bit too yucky for me, though perfectly safe, but when it is filtered, lovely!
    btw, can’t help but be reminded of our billion or so brothers and sisters who don’t have access to safe drinking water at all.

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