I’m back!

I know, I didn’t really go anywhere, just into obsession mode. I have been playing with the new toy way too much and have have no real chance to get onto the blog.
The other sad thing is that I have exceeded my broadband limit at home and it has slowed down to 64k until the 9th Aug. This is VERY frustrating, so I have been working from Wild Fig cafe, or here today, all by myself at Matty Otherendup’s house.

The Mac is sweet.
Had some issues deciding which email programme to go with, in the end I decided to go with a Mac one not a windows one (Entourage). MAc has 2 nice simple programmes installed on their gear when you buy it – Mail and Address Book, they are seperate, unlike Outlook which is integrated, yet they work seamlessly together. So after stuffing up a import to Entourage from Outlook, I did a very successful import using Vcards from Outlook to “Address Book”.
Getting mail using a pop account from gmail was a bit more challenging, at first it started downloading thousands of emails from last July, I stopped that! But now I am up and running, even have all my songs (7.7 days worth of continual music, just if I ever need it!)
I have a couple of “A River Somewhere” docos just in case…you know how it is!
And lots of silly things.
Now I can get some serious work done!


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