Guess What I Did Today??

Well I had to go to Youth For Christ office in Welshpool, so what suburb is next to Welshpool? Yes…Kewdale and what lives in Kewdale? Yes – TNT delivery centre, and what lives at the TNT delivery centre? Yes! My Mac, so here I am happy as a Mac user with my new Mac strapped to the back of the Wasp!


4 thoughts on “Guess What I Did Today??

  1. you are the prototypical emerging geek arent ya? Loves coffee, scooters, macs, your a greeny with chickens and veggies, have a churchy thing in your lounge….im trying to think if there is anything you are missing…….oh, i know, a goatee. :-p

    just teasing, but that photo is a crack up, you look like a dork.

    love ya work tho.

  2. Hey Scott…how’s the scooter? I now have an electric one – equivalent to 50cc petrol and it is a hoot!

    Now all we need is the PV cells on the roof for recharging its batteries and I will be scooting along on the closest thing I can get to a solar powered bike!

  3. aghh now we are talking! I have just started reading “Serve God Save the Planet” and it sure is challenging me! We are going to go through it as a group on Wed nights.
    Everything about our life styles wil be put under the microscope, a real practical hard hitting look at it all I think!
    The other book I am reading, also hard hitting is “Why Warriors Lay down and Die” about the history of the Aboriginal people in Arnehm land. By a guy called Richard Trudgen – It makes me cry!!
    Love ya Gary!

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