12 thoughts on “A Question to Mac Users

  1. safari has tabs! go to safari’s preferences click on ‘tabs’ then click on ‘enable tabbed browsing’

    Im a mac user and was using firefox but latest safari is pretty good…and then camino confuses things further…

  2. yeah, dopey, it has tabs. i use safari, but i have firefox becaues there are a few sites that dont work properly. I prefer safari though generally.

    get the update of safari, almost perfect.

  3. You can download the Safari 3 beta which is now available for windoze and mac—http://www.apple.com/safari/. It is stable and works really well. I have gone back to it instead of Camino. It is now faster and seems to work with all websites I hit & I hit a lot.

  4. yeah i know you love it. tho maybe i should tone down the insults, no matter how affectionate they are meant to be. :p

  5. I use Safari, don’t use tabs.
    I downloaded version 3 but have a problem when i try and open a pdf. It crashes straight away and I have to reopen safari.
    I use firefox sometimes and an old version of explorer for a website I use for ACOM.
    Bummer is that the afl site doesn’t support mac so the video’s don’t work.

  6. You’re just sad because you don’t have a mac Deano.
    But then you don’t, so you don’t know how sad you actually are.
    But I guess you can use the “ignorance is bliss line!”

  7. hmmmmm well 4 years of IT training at uni, and now almost 5 years of working in a large company has shown me that when you have 1600 PCs on a network and 1 Mac… you’ll be spending more time fixing the Mac than the other 1600 computers.

  8. if that large company had 1601 macs and no pc’s you wouldnt have a job there cause there’d be nothing to fix…

    its obvious you’d have trouble with the one mac in your situation because you’re bound to have problems trying to connect a mac to ugly, virus prone and inferior machinery

    the mac you’re spending time fixing is rebelling cause it doesnt want to connect to the rubbish network…I mean pc network (same thing haha)

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