One day I will do a post on all the contradictions and hypocrisies in my life. In fact I wrote some of them down in a cafe the other day with Hamo.
I speak so loudly against the EVILS of nasty consumerism, yet spend endless words on my blog about new toys I am getting.
Aghh life!

But all is well now, guess what just arrived in a courier van!!!???

NO not a new laptop…

My new hiking shoes from the USA!

Should satisfy my consumer urge at least until I can get more stuff on Friday when the next courier arrives..

more stuff..

I did a talk down at the kids school today on poor people in Cambodia…aghhh the tension I live with inside my own self 🙂

What’s a Wii?


8 thoughts on “Consumerism…

  1. Its a fact! We boys need our toys. Its a necessity in our lives which must exist. In having these toys we can share our experiences which in turn can be used as tools in sharing other parts of your life such as Jesus! GO GO GO!!! buy more tools….. Amen

  2. oh my goodness, what have I done, Scotty Black has swallowed the pill, bought the lie sold out to the evil empire…did I do this, has he been influenced by my inability to control my urges?
    Don’t go there my bro – resist, don’t follow me down that tunnel, it is empty, hollow…filled with …hiking shoes that wear out and Macs that become obsolete!!!

  3. Maybe it’s just age but the older I get, the less interested I am in gadgets and toys.

    I don’t have the money for the latest, greatest anything. I’m finding it hard enough to run a modest home for my family so I’m certainly not looking for any extras.

    I learnt a long time ago that the things that look shiny and new don’t stay shiny and new for long and they certainly don’t provide any kind of contentment or fulfillment.

    I’m still tempted at times but I know that buying the things I’m tempted to buy won’t scratch the itch.

  4. Let’s face it Vawz, if you were living as a hermit in a cave in a desert you would be on a daily quest to find a new and improved sitting rock – perhaps something with a little ‘bling’ or maybe added functionality like dual use as a digging implement.

    Is it consumerism or part of our innate curiosity that drives the aquisition process?

  5. Well, I like your thoughts Mike, and I would have to say that I think the answer would be different for different people. I have an obsessive personality, big time!
    So I scheme endlessly about how certain things can be mine…too much, way too much!
    BTW – This is the first thing I have typed on my new Mac…I drove over and picked it up! 🙂

  6. i only took the blue pill not the red one chill!

    looking for a new trike? hee hee hee have a nice day

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