New Mac

Well I did it, I finally got back to the Mac. I got my first taste of “Apple Juice” 4 and a half years ago when I bought a top of the range Apple Mac Powerbook Titanium sweet machine…but, one thing I am learning from people is “DONT BUY A SECOND HAND LAPTOP” . Even though this machine was stacked to the hills with fruit, it was old and well used. The CD/DVD drive died, the battery died, the screen snapped off at the hinges. Actually it still kinda works, it lays flat on my amplifier playing itunes songs I transfer to it via a thumb drive.

Then I got the cheapest Toshiba I could find (I was not paying for this, so my bosses, as you could well understand decided that after a year, they were not going to fork out for another expensive Mac!). This Toshiba had 256Mg RAM 40gig harddrive and not much speed to talk about. Last week as you may know the hard drive packed up, it needed more RAM etc.
So I sold it to my Mother-in-law, and asked 3 different employers to help with a Mac and my business chipped in some also. It was about $1800.
For all you geeks here are some stats – a blazingly fast mobile architecture in a beautiful design that costs less than slower, clunkier models. It’s like getting a sports car for the price of a scooter. Talk about performance — MacBook is powered by an Intel Core 2 Duo processor with speeds revving up to 2.16GHz. And all models pack a performance-enhancing 4MB of shared L2 cache. MacBook supports up to 2GB of memory and plenty of storage. All models offer larger hard drives, but if you haul a lot of data around, you can order your MacBook with up to 200GB of storage. That’s not all. MacBook keeps you untethered courtesy of built-in Bluetooth and AirPort Extreme 802.11n Wi-Fi offering up to five times the performance and up to twice the range as the previous generation.1 An 8x double-layer-burning SuperDrive — standard equipment on the 2.16GHz models — not only lets you burn DVDs faster but lets you burn capacious double-layer media.


Only hassle is watching it on the internet being moved over the country. I have been tracking it.

Store – Courier – Airport – Store – Plane (late last night) – Moved to new store at Perth Airport (3am this morning) – Picked up by Courier (820am today) – NOW WHERE THE HELL IS THE THING??
Christine is about to kick me off this machine again!


2 thoughts on “New Mac

  1. They had a great couple on special at the mac shop this week – even saw a refurbished (with Mac warranty core duo for $1400.

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