Get Lost – I Don’t

So, Hurley is a hero.
Jack’s Dad, Christian, is alive in the ‘flash-forwards’
Who is in the coffin?
Who is on this boat off shore?
Are they (on the boat) ‘real’ bad, ‘badder’ than the ‘others’?
Could the boat people be the original Dharma people or their support crew coming to find out who killed all their scientists? In fact who are all these people Ben teamed up with?
Who the hell is Jacob? (some spirit man? The devil?)
What is that dark smoke stuff?
Is this quantum physics?
Chaos theory? Fractals ?
Why does Locke want the boat NOT to be called?
What the heck is with Walt coming back into it? He is no ordinary boy, was he real, was he just made up? From the moment we’ve met young Walt, it’s been easy to see that he’s no ordinary boy, as he appears to possess some odd telepathic powers. During Michael’s flashback, we see Walt get angry when his parents ignore him. As he snaps, the exact rare bird he had just been reading about smashes into the living room window, dying instantly. On the island, Walt often read a Flash/Green Lantern comic book featuring polar bears, until Michael threw it in the fire in a fit of rage. An hour later, both Walt and his father were attacked by a polar bear. The ‘luckiest’ man alive, Hurley, owes him thousands in lost backgammon gambles, and Walt seemed to be able to read Locke’s mind, warning him not to open the hatch.

What the????

It finishes in 2010 – Hang in there folks


3 thoughts on “Get Lost – I Don’t

  1. I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    stealing your post (with credit of course) because you’ve put it so well!!!!

  2. Hmmm Deano not a bad theft – If I steal it from you is it still stealing or am I recovering Vawz’s stolen property and looking after it for him until he wants it back?

    What about Charlie eh? Now there’s a hero, saving Desmond and then even as he drowns passing on the crucial message about the boat.

    Why didn’t he start jamming again as he drowned (seeing that the jamming unit was waterproof. . .)

  3. Loch does not want to get off the island because he does not want to lose the ability to walk again….

    The dad being alive “in the future’ threw me as well…..

    Do they know whats going on??
    It should have finished last night

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