In the name of rampant consumerism I only ever buy good walking shoes…”good” being a euphemism for costly.
After a nasty car accident in the 80’s that almost tore my right foot off I have invested in good shoes to give me good support in my heal and arch.
Unfortunately I can’t wear a boot as the scar makes my ankle an odd shape and it wears on the side of the boot.
I did walk a pair of Zamberlan boots off their sole once, got some great use out of them in the Hymalayas, Vic Alps and Tassie, but I also got my fair shair of massive foot bleeds and infections from them!
I got given a pair of nice Zamberlan boots, brand new, my size, goretex and all, but they just cut deep into my scar in Queensland no matter what stuff I used to protect myself, so I had to give them away!

So I buy hiking shoes now, not boots. My last pair (they are on my feet now) were Merrill – They have been great to wear, nice feel! BUT they tore, early in their life. I tried to get them replaced but they were just out of their one year warrantee. So I have just worn them torn.
I prefer Vibram soles, much stronger, longer lasting and supportive, but the next pair are a sole copied off the Vibram, but are a made by the actual shoe manufacturer – Keen. Normally the shoe maker makes the shoe and Vibram designs the sole for it.

I looked all over Singapore last month for these Keen, but couldn’t get my size. They were $100 off the price in Ranger camping here in Perth ($265…almost double a Leadership Summit!)

When I got home my Merrills were almost falling off me, but still feeling brilliant, so in frustration I spent 3 hours surfing the net until I got a pair of Keen Targhee II for about US$100 plus US$40 postage. Not quite as cheap as Singapore but about $90 AUS cheeper than Perth even with postage. I was quite “keen” for Keen as I have a pair of what are called Hybrids, (sandals) that I bought with a voucher ACOM gave me when I left there.

Anyway I bought and paid, using Paypal. 4 days later I get a reminder email for me to pay them or they would not post the shoes…panic struck, then the computer crashed and I finally got an email off telling them I had paid.
Just then I received their ‘woops, sorry, got it – they are on the way’ email.
Do I feel better now!!

I guess I could have just bought the $20 Nike in Cambodia…but then again, I can justify anything…then I try to sleep at night!!!


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