Computer Update

I was getting worried about how slow the laptop was running so I thought I had better do a backup.
So yesterday I tried to back it up onto 2 DVD’s, one of them was corrupt and it was my last one, then the computer shut down.
So tonight I picked up one of those cheap external hard drives to backup everything on the laptop as well as our home computer.
I started on our home computer and after getting a bit confused with where I was pull things from and putting things in I sussed it all.
Then I pulled out the lap top…oh dear it was dead as a door nob!
I pulled out yesterdays DVD just to see what I managed to save and it was actually most of it!!
Yes, all but photos saved, and mostly my snaps are on the home computer.
All my music, documents etc, NOT EMAILS!! But I am happy, only issue is that I now don’t have a laptop, so I guess I will just talk nice to Christine to use hers!

Lets see, is this God telling me to look back at a nice Mac???


10 thoughts on “Computer Update

  1. Long time reader first time commenter…

    You seem to have some common sense something your average mac user just cant seem to find on itunes.Save yourself the hassle.

    Stick Windows.

  2. see harddrives are a moving object – disk spins with a reader moving overe the disk (kinda like an old record player).

    like anything moving in your car you expect it to wear out eventually…

    …so i can’t see why people get so supprised when harddrives finally wear out.

    solution is to do regular back ups (i do monthly ones) – and your external harddrive is the best way to do that.

    just remember it’s a harddrive too – so redundancy is good (keep it on your laptop and the external drive).


  3. Hi justin, good to see ya!
    I guess you meant what you said when you said “Stick windows”, as in “Shove Windows” “‘UP YOURS’ Windows”
    or did you mean to say “Stick TO Windows”?
    I am an x-windows user who bought a Mac coz it was cheap, fell in love, but the old machine I bought snapped in half (Too many youth camps!) and a few other things broke (hardware) but it still sits on my amp and plays all my music even though it’s in bits. I then was forced back to a Windows machine due to cost and hated all my days since and I long to return…I know Windows have tried endlessly to copy Mac, but the new and ever so shabby Vista is proof that one might copy but one will never BE.
    They say after Muslims, Mac lovers are the hardest converts!

  4. vista is a bloated attempted to copy mac osx. the head of Acer just came out publicly saying the entire computer industry was disapointed by vista….

    i think God is punishing you for leaving mac. it is certainly a sign to go back. :-p

  5. Is it really dead or only mostly dead? I reckon you might be able to coax the last of the data out of the hard drive with some expert help – if the remaining data is important enough to warrant the expense. If it is not the HD that died then you can certainly retrieve it!

  6. there is no argument really, just use a mac and you know immediately how pathetic windows is…horrible and ugly OS…

  7. You really don’t have a choice if you look at the ROI on your laptop. Currently for the specifications of both macbook or macbook pro nothing matches them on specification for the same price. Also performance wise doesn’t matter whether you decide to run macosx or windows on them you still have a better value for money solution. Personally not sure why you would bother running windows on the macbook given the high productivity of macosx, 2:1 over windows currently.

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