Computer Issues and Forge Weekend

I wanted to put heaps on here about the brilliant Forge intensive this past weekend. But my computer, or home internet connection has gone soooo slow that it is puttingme off using the computer at all!
So have a look here at Hamo’s thoughts, with a link or two to speakers blogs etc.
It really was one of the best intensives I have been to.

Now all I have to do is read all the recommended books, articles, web sites and videos;
Salvation means creation healed: creation, cross, kingdom and mission – Howard Snyder
Christianity and the survival of creation – Wendel Berry
True Green – ABC Shop
Serve God Save the Planet – J Matthew Sleeth
Communality – Geoff and Sherry
The Long Emergency – Kunstler
The End of Suburbia – Video (Seen it, great!)
A Crude Awakening – DVD
The Secret Message of Jesus – McLarren

I could go on!!


One thought on “Computer Issues and Forge Weekend

  1. i just ordered ‘serve God save the planet’ the other day after listening to Sleeth at Mars Hill Bible Church (Rob Bell of Nooma church)

    was awesome to hear it was a big group for the intensive. exciting stuff.

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