Photos From Cambodia

Well, I took 388 photos, mostly of the temples at Angkor Wat (Siam Reap) which happens to be one of the owrlds fastest growing tourist attractions at the moment!

There are a few snaps I have thrown together in a slide show here.

We were very impressed with the work of Hagar, we worked in a factory recently donated by Nestle – check out this press release (No doubt this donation will appease some of the criticism aimed at them for their powdered milk to breast feeding mothers ‘issues’ in Africa if you followed any of that on 60 Minutes and elsewhere –

Nestle Gives Factory to Soya Milk Producing NGO PDF Print E-mail
Friday, June 8, 2007
By Suzy Khimm
The Cambodian Daily
Swiss food giant Nestle donated its vacated factory building in Phnom Penh to the NGO Hagar International, which will use the premises to expand the production of enriched soy milk by its commercial venture, the NGO’s chief executive officer said Wednesday.

The donated factory will help Hagar Soya improve its production of fortified soya milk, said Talmage Payne, chief executive officer of Hagar International.

“It’s much better facility, built to handle milk and will help soy drink manufacturing and pasteurization” Payne said.

The plant, which is located on National Route 5 near the Japanese bridge, was turned over to the NGO in June 1, he added. The factory donation expands upon the existing partnership between Hagar International and Nestle, which has provided pro-bono training and consulting services to Hagar Soya, Payne added.

Nestle stopped its manufacturing operations in Cambodia several years ago, Payne said but he declined to comment on the reason for the factory’s closure.

Bretton Sciaroni, head of the International Business Club, said that Nestle was forced to shut the plant as its locally made milk products could not compete in price with similar smuggled goods widely available in Cambodia.

Francois-Xavier Perroud, a communications officer for Nestle in Vietnam, said by phone Thursday that he was not authorized to comment on the Nestle’s production stoppage in Cambodia

Hagar Soya’s products, which include highly fortified soya milk and low – sugar soya milk, are distributed by NGO’s to HIV- AIDS patients and are also available for commercial sale in shops, said Payne, who added that annual sales totaled $400,000 last year.

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