In Bed With Scott and Christine…

Bedside Books Yet To Be Read
Well the titloe made you look!
Ok, here is post I have wanted to do for ages.
What books do you have lined up next to your bed to read?
Do you stockpile like me?
Do you read 2 or 3 at a time?

I have a bedside table as well as a corner cupboard mounted up on the wall in the corner of our room, Christine also has a bedside table draws thingy covered in books currently being read.
I also have a book, a note book, with lists of recommended books to read one day too…aghhh the many things to read –

Here we go –

Christine’s Bed –
Advances In Speech-Language Pathology
Permaculture – Principles and Pathways Beyond Sustainability (David Holmgren)
On Killing (Lt. Col. Dave Crossman)
The Eye of The Needle – Discipleship and Wealth (Jim Reiher)
2 versions of the Bible (Message and NIV)
Who Stands Fast (Michael Duncan)
Revolution in World Missions (K.P Yohannan)

Scott’s Bed –
Paul – Fresh Perspectives (NT Wright)
Killing Fields Living Fields (Don Cormack)
2 versions of the Bible (NASB and Message)
The Gift of Pain (Yancey)
Tranforming Mission (Bosh)
The Irresistible Revolution (Shane Claibourne)
Sub-Merge (Ashley Barker and John Hayes)
3 recent issue outdoor magazines

One day I might actually read these, as well as some on the wall cabinet next to my bed…I need holidays!


12 thoughts on “In Bed With Scott and Christine…

  1. well i don’t have a bedside table so these are piled on the floor next to my bed.

    *Islam: The Challenge to The Church – Patrick Sookhdeo (almost finished)
    *Never Have Your Dog Stuffed – Alan Alda – autobiography
    *Understanding Islamic Terrorism – Patrick Sookhdeo
    *NIV Bible
    *One Minute Bible – Devotional book
    *The latest ‘Australia Muscle Car” mag

  2. “How (not) to speak of God” by Peter Rollins
    “The Grand Experiment – Two boys, two cultures” by Anouk Ride
    “A Hidden Wholeness – The journey towards an undivided life” by Parker J. Palmer
    “The courage to teach – Exploring the inner landscape of a teacher’s life” by Parker J. Palmer
    “Terra Nullius – A journey through No One’s land” by Sven Lindqvist
    “Scripture and the authority of God” by NT Wright

  3. Heavy stuff guys. I find there’s so much seriousness, sadness & busy-ness in life that I just want 2 go 2 bed smiling/peaceful. My texts include ‘Harried with Children’, ‘The family nobody wanted’ (bio),Women’s Devotional Bible, old home improvement mags & my own writings and I’d like a bigger bedside table!

  4. Heavy??? Muscle car mags – Heavy?
    3 Outdoor Mags…this all balances it up I think 🙂
    I’ve got The Grand Experiment after you Matty!

  5. Ok

    Australian Heartlands
    Baptist Sacramentalism
    The Meal That Unites
    The Church and The Sacraments
    True Patriot
    The Gospel in a Pluralist society
    Australian Personal Computer

    Matt – I read The Grand experiemtn on holidays – not a bad read

  6. Great lists, Scott and Christine.

    I remember that reading Revolution In World Missions by K.P. Yohannan transformed me in many ways back in the 90s.

    Like many people, it didn’t end up compelling me to go to the jungle to minister, though there may have been some whom God was calling to go there that were inspired to do so after reading this book.

    Rather, it spurred me to realize that the jungle in which I so longed to minister was all around me. “Out there” was where God said that those who haven’t seen will see, and those who haven’t heard will hear. But where I lived, it was not so. People were jaded to what they thought was Christ. They were not easily convinced of His reality and love for them.

    I read Revolution In World Missions and realized that I already lived in the jungle :-). All these years later, I am so thankful for that revelation and for the path upon God set my feet as a result.

    Enjoy, Christine. Have you read it yet, Scott?

    Thanks for the wonderful posts! I am enjoying them.


  7. My books are scattered over the house, I tend to read in different places.

    “A Thousand Suns” Alex Scarrow
    “The Way On Is the Way In” John Wimber
    “Blink” Malcolm Gladwell
    Latest edition of Alpha Magazine
    Armchair General Magazine
    Remnants from last Weekend Australian I didn’t get time to finish.
    “Exiles” Michael Frost
    “The Forgotten Ways” Al Hirsch
    “Sex God” Rob Bell
    “Essentials of Australian Government” Alan Fenna
    “Templars” Piers Paul Read
    “What’s in This Stuff?” Pat Thomas

    Just finished “Dirt Music” by Tim Winton last week, great read. It was the first Winton book I read.

    It’s good to see that I’m not the only one with heaps of books on the go at any one time.

  8. Hey Scott, my comment was 2 u & Chris- not about muscle car mags??? I’m just amazed at how many books people can read at a time. Where do u find the time???

  9. No TV, in bed early, all day Sundays…sabbath for non-pastors!! Early morning before people wake up…not sure, umm on planes. Public transport…um…when you can’t sleep…sick days…oh I don’t have many of them…
    I do read fun stuff – Bill Bryson mainly, but some novels, coupla times a year.

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