Pictures of the past few days.

Some snaps of the last week –

Sophie and I finally pulled out the stump I had been working on for months! Well mainly me, but she promised to pull out her front tooth if I got the tree out that day…the tooth came out some days later…but we think she swallowed it!
Now I get to build a tank stand for my new water tank.

I took off for a few hours in our local National Park, just over the road with the the kids for a walk. It was a long walk for Sophie but she handled it well. Lunch under a big gum tree then back home just as the rain came down.

The kids fascinated by ants getting caught in the sticky plants.

Yesterday and this morning Casey and I took a few hours to climb Mt Cooke, the highest in the Darling Rangers I think. It was…as they say…a walk in the park.

Nice and easy.

Nice and cool.

Nice and wet.

The hut had 9 campers including us in it. 2 of them were heading off in 2 weeks to do the Kokoda trail. The other group had in it…wait for it…gear testers.

Explanation – there are some people in this world, highly blessed by God [maybe I should say god, as in the ‘god of backpacking’!!!] They get FREE GEAR to test, and they wander the tracks of the world with all the latest hiking gear and gadgets.

This one guy had a Steripen – LOVE EM!

He had a Kestral thermometer, with wind speed, and wind chill factor readings.
He was sleeping in a Black Diamond Tent, single skin, so not so good, but hey, that’s the life of a gear tester.

All in all, every consumer bone in my body was stimulated, especially when my old sleeping bag kept me frozen most of the night and I slept fitfully dreaming about a warmer bag.

Agh, the simple life of spending less and living more…Maybe a rug from Good Sammys would have worked for me?


2 thoughts on “Pictures of the past few days.

  1. I want to make contact with you about THE CLIMATE CHANGE AND YOU
    Forum and Exhibition in November.

    You seem to know a lot about scooters, I found a blog about them that you wrote, then found this site of yours but no email contact.

    can you contact me?


  2. Gr8 2 c some photos of the girls. Looking 4ward 2 our next walk 2gether as families whenever that may b.

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