Movie Endorsment

Just before I head off on my hike, I thought I would tell you that I quite liked Children of Men. An apocolyptic type move set in 20 years or so when people lost the ability to fall pregnant. This chick is like the only one who does so and they try to get her to a safe place as the world around them falls apart.


8 thoughts on “Movie Endorsment

  1. Nup. Didn’t like this one Scottie. It left me feeling as depressed as when I watched Legends of the Fall. If you missed that one – you didn’t miss much.

    Interesting concept though, hey?

  2. Didn’t see legends. Did you see The Island? Apart from drooling over Scarlett, did yo like that movie?

  3. watched this when i was 8 months pregnant. how the government tried to keep control through promoting fear was disconserting. funny how we starting see those ‘report any suspicious activity’ adds on our own TV channels again with an election coming up. i can justify war much more easily when i’m scared.

  4. Funny thing… I just watched it 30 minutes ago! We were into getting a DVD and thought it sounded interesting.
    I’m still processing it though. It’s kinda like V for Vendetta mixed with Schindlers List…
    Lots of twists and turns, and very realistic… Scary really. You could actually see it happening if the world turns out the way it’s going with fear of foreigners and a severe lack of love for one’s neighbour.

  5. thought the storyline promised more than the movie delivered – and sorry craig, but “V for Vendetta” was a masterpiece when compared to “Children of Men”.

    Some scenes were just too unrealistic, for eg. when they are escaping the hideout house and have to push start the car down the hill – it reminded me more of something out of Benny Hill show than an action drama.

    The premise presented was interesting but not enough time looking into the context of the movie.

    While on movies – saw and loved “Smoking Aces” the other night with you and the two Daves.

  6. Well, Smokin Aces…I am still trying to work out who was agood guy and who was a bad guy who was a cop and who was an x-cop and who was a good cop and who was a bad cop…although I thought the character development was good, fun even!

  7. The Island was a great flick I thought. Mainly because Scarlett was in it 🙂

    But it was quite good.
    V for Vendetta was VERY clever, I do agree with Matt on that one.

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