9 thoughts on “New technology

  1. I can’t view that from work – but does this mean you found Blogger’s new experimental blog tool?

  2. WOW! that computor has human eye abilities, so amazing, but a down side would be sending a photo to someone and they can zoom in and see if thats a zit your wearing on your face or do you have dandruff? Marketing people will look for this stuff on your photo portrait and send you out product information that pertains to you specific. For all you people who love attention to detail this new technology is for you! Again amazing.

  3. I’m with you grendel. I was so excited 2 view new tech. but nothing happened. Does that mean I have 2 get more ‘new’ tech for my computer? Scary really that every time a new product comes out we keep chucking out the old because it just doesn’t work!!! My kids love Nintendo Wii but our TV is so ancient it doesn’t work on it. And my fridge has had an iceberg in it for 10 years- fridge guys said those fridges r only designed 2 work 4 7!!! Crazy disposable society we live in.

  4. it not a youtube embed, not sure why it worked for me so well, mine normally needs extra plugins etc for special things like that?
    No idea!

  5. Amazing- my technology seemed to be able to view the new technology 2day. But it still doesn’t compare to the good “Rydeas” on Rove! They are awesome. Check them out. (Sarcasm intended)

  6. ok – that is pretty remarkable stuff. I had no sound available when I saw it but it is still an impressive piece of work.

    For people who like to model in their minds (or only have their minds to use) this would provide remarkable freedom.

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