Off To Adelaide

Not sure I feel like going to these meetings if the last lot were anything to go by! But I am flying out tonight for 3 days packed with meetings.
I think I would rather be flying out for 3 days worth of hiking in the Grampians…are they in South Australia?
I wonder how much damage a flight to Adelaide does to the environment?


7 thoughts on “Off To Adelaide

  1. er grampians . . . Vic, you could go to Flinders Ranges though. or come and see me here and I’ll walk you through a few wineries.

  2. You’ll be emitting 1.4 tonnes of CO2 just for yourself. I’m assuming there’ll be other passengers, so count them and multiply it.
    You could plant seven trees to offset this flight (or donate $21 to But you’ll need to convince everyone else on the plane to do so as well.
    But I think that you could do it.

  3. Ah just come over.

    You can always take a quick walk in the Adelaide Hills (where more people fall of small cliffs with depressing regularity ;-))


  4. Oops, didn’t mean to make that sound as if I wanted you to fall off a cliff. It’s just that people underestimate some of the walks because they’re 15 minutes up the freeway.


  5. Following on from Michael’s comment, I’m actually sitting in the meeting opposite Scott – typing on my Computer pretending to take notes….

    Hmmmm – damage…I wonder….

    So Scott, what are you thinking now?

  6. Hi Sae, I knew I should have taken my computer with me so I could join you in ‘pretending’. Yes. I think round 2 of my meetings in ADL were a darn sight better than the first lot…maybe I am numbing to it, or maybe it’s getting better…your thoughts?

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