Interesting Ads Coming to Perth

Coupla years ago Bible Society did a very comprehensive survey and study about people’s perceptions of Church, Jesus, God and religion. I have a copy of these results and they are very telling. Out of this study has come an advertising campain drawing people to Jesus, rather than Church. Here is one of the ads, this one is aimed at the younger gen.
Their website is here.


4 thoughts on “Interesting Ads Coming to Perth

  1. I have looked at the material. I have one question. How is this campaign different from IWT?

  2. Good question. Well from what I understand. There is no conference or seminar attached to the campaign. If they take the results of the study…and I hope they do. They should be about getting stuff about Jesus into the hands of people curious about Him. Essentially the study showed that people were over the church, but still were interested in who Jesus was and what he was about. So the ads are meant just to help people find out more about – The Man!

  3. I like the ad. Only one slip up the last seen with the girl in the black top its just a little low, I have seen worse, and its these little things we do that can make christians Holy (set apart). If we look like the world act like the world then Jesus will spit us out. I want to love the things God does and hate the things God hates. Have a listen to Pastor Paul Washer – “shocking message” on YOUTUBE talking to 5,000 youth!!!! does Jesus know you????

  4. Jesus All About Life operates at three levels – Firstly, the TV commercials and at the same time billboards, and other public promotional material. At the same time as this happens local churches are invited to run activities of their choice,using the Jesus All About Life material. All of this provides impetus and leads to the third and most important level, and that is the quiet Christians are given the confidence to share their faith in natural ways that they are comfortable with. The public mention of Jesus is primarily a way of getting people to talk about Jesus. By the way it;s happening in Perth towards the end of 2008.

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