Joondalup Thing Does Pentecost

We did our Pentecost celebration with a difference yesterday.
It was the 40th anniversary of the vote by 90% of white Aussies to include our indigenous people in the voting process. That is…they would no longer be counted as stock ie animals!
I can’t believe it was just 40 years ago, we have so much shame over our nation in the way we treat and have treated the owners of this land.

So we watched Rabbit Proof Fence with the kids as well, had some discussion followed by communion/lunch and then we dramatically read (with different people ‘playing’ the different parts) the story of the Holy Spirit coming in Acts 2 followed by Charlotte leading us in some Aboriginal style dot paintings of our own depictions of the Holy Spirit and His work.
Here are some – (Click on the images to see them full size)


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