Backyard Update

One of the things I like to do on this blog is journal the life around my house. I do lots of thinking about my small pad of land in Joondalup. I have big dreams for the way I use my house and land to honour God, people and the environment.
Anyway, here are some snaps around the place.

The organic fertilizer working a treat, we have these fellas all over the place!

We have recently extended the veggie patch. This section is filled with pea straw, ash from the fire and chook and sheep poo for a few weeks before we plant in it. The tree is an olive tree that we are putting in the front yard, it was Christine’s mothers day present…no it has nothing to do with asking for peace!

An extra veggie garden in the foreground. BUT…in the background is the stump of a tree I have trying to pull out for 3 weeks, every day after work. So far I have split a pipe, blisters all over my hand and have a very sore neck! This thing had a brick wall concreted all around it which makes digging particularly hard!
After the stump comes out I will build a tank stand for a 4500L water tank which will catch the run off from the patio roof.

Christine inspecting the Brocolii, Cauliflowers, lettuce, peas, tomatoe and Cabbage for worms etc.

2 thoughts on “Backyard Update

  1. What you need is a landcruiser to pull the thing out. Turbo diesal would be the go – then you can munch up the stump to convert to bio-diesal. Keeps everyone happy.

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