Emerging Peace Church?

My mate Jarrod has been involved in the Anabaptist movement for a while. He writes some interesting things in this article on the place the movement is at in conjunction with the Christian peace movement.

Scot McKnight has said, “the sort of evangelicalism the Emerging Church Movement is striving for is anabaptist.” Anna who?! Many know I spend a lot of my time teaching, preaching, ranting and running workshops about eco-justice and confrontational nonviolence, as integral to an engaged gospel spirituality. What people might not be aware of is that I continue to encounter a growing movement of young people (not just young people!) who are deeply seeking to follow Jesus in ways that witness to God’s Reign. A spirituality of “justice, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit” in the midst of a world where injustice, war and misery seem to reign…Read more here.


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