What The???

Now I am the first one to believe anything someone says about big corporations, I confess this news to you today, call me gullable, whatever!
But when it comes to oil companies, I don’t even question bad reports, particularly when it comes to the environment. Money is their bottom line, unquestionably!
So when someone invents a car, and electric vehicle (The EV) that will do away with the need to fuel our cars with fossil fuel, of course the oil companies will not be happy about this. Director Chris Paine is no dummy. As a onetime owner of an electric car (the EV1) and a savvy filmmaker, he has quadruple checked his facts—and they are alarming. Although the electric car obviously depends upon coal or oil for its power, (at least for now. But Solar wind, geothermal power generation are all on the way) electricity is far cleaner than gasoline in the long run with less carbon output. Additionally, the batteries are recyclable, and electric cars make fewer demands in other environmental ways: There are no oil changes, oil filters, spark plugs and other parts and services that conventional autos require. Each of these parts carries its own environmental cost.

See this film. It has nothing to do with the current price of gas and everything to do with corruption on many levels.


3 thoughts on “What The???

  1. This movie moved me. Along with the fact the car is exceptionally cool and has an incredible take-off, it saddened me to see such an incredible advancement destroyed. 😦

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