World Vision CEO Responds To His Brother!

I often have a chuckle at the thought of Tim Costello responding to his brother’s federal budget. They must have some fun times at Christmas dinners!

Budget Response: World Vision
By : World Vision Press Release
Government fails moral challenge
The Federal Government’s aid budget fails to go far enough in a world where 30,000 children are still dying in poverty every day from preventable illness, World Vision Chief Executive, Tim Costello says.

“This budget shows a welcome commitment to meeting the current target of a $4 billion aid program by 2010, but the point is that this Government has set the bar too low,” Mr Costello said.

“If we are to tackle the root causes of poverty we need to be doing much more, particularly given the buoyant economic climate in Australia. We are a rich nation and if we are to be a respected one we should be showing international leadership in development assistance, not languishing at the lower end of the giving table.”

“The aid budget commitment of $3.15 billion at a surface glance appears to be a significant contribution, but it shrinks into perspective when you consider that it represents just 30 cents in every $100 of our gross domestic product.

“When we have a massive budget surplus of $10.6 billion the 700 million people living in poverty in our region might have expected more.”

However, Mr Costello said that there were some very welcome initiatives in the aid budget including important increases in funding for education, health and infrastructure and indications of ongoing increases in these sectors in coming years. The Government’s aim to increase by 10 million the number of boys and girls in school by 2010 was particularly commendable.

“We also welcome the $10 million increase in funding for the AusAID-NGO Cooperation Program. This increase reflects the public trust placed in development NGOs like World Vision which contribute so much to the cause of tackling poverty,” Mr Costello said.

While recognising that aid was one of many competing priorities in the budget, Mr Costello said that the Government appeared to be missing important connections between development and other interests.

“There is no doubt that we have a moral imperative to help our developing neighbours. However, there are strong business, environmental and national interests that are also served when we strive to overcome poverty, desperation and despair.”


One thought on “World Vision CEO Responds To His Brother!

  1. From the sermon at my church on Christmas 1999:
    I wonder what Christmas at the Costellos’ would be like…
    “What have you been up to, Tim?”
    “Fighting the effects of economic rationalism. What’ve you been doing Pete?”

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