Environmental Thoughts V

The Gutless Peace activist asked about the issue of permaculture.
This family I have been reading about (Who by the way do their 6 month experiment in Gympie QLD, and have recently moved to TAS to experiment some more) Do use permaculture principles;

Ethics of Permaculture

  • Care for the earth
  • care for people
  • Distribute surplus
  • Reduce consumption


  • Everything works at least two ways
  • See solutions, not problems
  • Cooperation, not competition, in work, communications and economics
  • Make things pay
  • Work where it counts
  • Use everything to its highest capacity
  • Bring food production back to cities
  • Help make more people self-reliant
  • Minimise maintenance and energy inputs to achieve maximum yields.

3 thoughts on “Environmental Thoughts V

  1. Yeah that all sounds about right. We have used the principles of Linda Woodrow in her “The Permaculture Homegarden” in our 1/4 acre back yard for about 10 years now and it has been a great experience.

    For us it is about leaving the earth (well a little bit of it) in better shape than it was when we found it, and working respectfully and mindfully with it to enjoy the best fruit and vegies I’ve ever tasted.

    We also have gained some insights into the rhythms and cycles of life – planting according to lunar cycles, co-operating with local bird, insect and amphibious life, etc, and sharing the operation with neighbours!

    And all this under level 5 water restrictions in Toowoomba!

    The chooks are the secret weapon as far as I’m concerned.

    anyway, goodonya Scotty for canvassing these issues.

    (the gutless peaceactivist)

  2. yep, definitely…and it actually rains there! which is good because we will be entirely on our own tank water supply for everything.

    also, we will be installing a solar electricity system to the house to feed power back into the grid.

    We’ll be in a little out of the way place on the Sunshine Coast hinterland known as Mooloolah at the head waters of the Mooloolah River.

    moving in about 4 weeks…


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