Waste Of TV Space

Well, I don’t watch a lot of TV and as of tonight I will certainly be watching less as I will be avoiding channel Ten – lots.
Tonight a whole pile of small minded idiots who enjoy perving upon other peoples lives with voyeuristic intent will spend their Sunday nights watching Big Brother…you are sad –

oh…no judgment intended! GET A LIFE!


8 thoughts on “Waste Of TV Space

  1. we all judge that which we find most tempting.

    but good on u for resisting the beast.

  2. How long has that show been going? Still haven’t seen it once but wish they’d devote that programming time to something worthwhile – hmmm Sci Fi anyone? A nice dose of Battlestar Galactica in Prime Time. . .

  3. One positive thing we can all be doing for is these sad, lonely young people by name. My brother is of this ‘mould’ and it breaks my heart to think that they need to live in this hyper reality.

  4. Oops, that should read ‘pray for these sad, lonely young people by name. So much for being a proof reader.

  5. It just goes to show that even thought the ratings are down compared to previous BB runs it still rates highly as programs most watched. This equals $ and that’s all it is. Society watches it and makes them money so whatever makes them money they’ll program. . . . even if it sucks!

  6. YOu have to admint though…. the games are funny? and watch a Morman girl and a so called muslimgirl live in a house with a geek a coupe and some idiots is at times interesting, be it a waste of time!

    Scott you know who!

    But you are right … Its junk….

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