My Coffee Machine

Some people ask me…”You are a bit of a coffee fanatic, what kind of a coffee machine do you make your coffee on?”
I don’t…I like coffee too much to kill it in a cheap machine, so I plunge or stove top.

BUT if you want to help make a nice home coffee, all donations welcome for the machine posted below, this is a coffee consumers dream! I know, I know, how many children in Ethiopia could I save if I sent them the $3000 it would take to get this domestic machine into my kitchen…but then again, I could buy lots of Ethiopian coffee off them and help them that way!!

The ISOMAC La Modiale.


Additional Options


3 thoughts on “My Coffee Machine

  1. Hey, I raised $40 toward my Vespa that way!! True! Some joker donated money to me!
    Actually the link does not go to my account this time, but if people wanted to badly enough they could find my account and donate…are you hinting that you are wanting to? I sense the coffee Gods are speaking to you Mike!

  2. Your attempt to appeal to my religious convictions have fallen on deaf ears – or at least ears stuffed with coffee beans. Of course if for practical purposes you want the payment for the Camelbak directed to a specific fund then that may be a possibility. . .

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