Guest Speaker in Perth

Many of you would have seen on Phil Baker’s blog
that Ray Gingerich is in town.

To have a Christian Ethicist like Dr. Ray Ginerich in town is an exciting and not to be missed opportunity for the church in Perth. Here is a link for all the events: click here.

Below is some more info:

Dr. Gingerich’s latest book “Transforming the Powers” brings together some of the greatest Christian thinkers and Biblical scholars in the world today including Walter Wink, Nancey Murphy and Glen Stassen to consider what Christ’s message means in our post-modern world.

If you have been looking for an opportunity to expose friends, family and seekers to a solid biblical, theological, spiritual and prophetic alternative to a violence infused Christianity, don’t miss:

+A violent God and a nonviolent Jesus?: Peacemaking in a World with
+Opposing Views of Power”+

with Dr. Ray Gingerich, Christian Ethicist, Peace Studies Scholar and Theologian

Sunday Evening (not Monday!)
7pm 29th April 2007

where: Scripture Union House, 82 Matlock St. Mt. Hawthorn

To confirm contact Andrew Suggested Donation: $10

For more details click here

Dr. Gingerich is in Australia to share what one of the most extended alternative nonviolent movements in church history (nearly 500 years!) has to contribute to a dynamic and faithful vision of Christianity for the 21st century. Come prepared to have your understanding of atonement, mission, church, the gospel and God challenged in light of the person of Jesus.

This is an amazing opportunity for Perth. Please let your networks know.


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