Coffee Visit

I have followed the life of a guy I heard about in unusual circumstances. My family met Dean first at some mutual friends birthday function. Not long after that my family (minus me, as I was in Sydney studying theology) were traveling the red dusty road of the north west when their car broke down. Who should come past but this same guy, Dean, he was a knight in shining armor to them at this time.

The monster roaster

I met Dean from time to time in the years that followed. He had begun a coffee importing/roasting/distribution business and I enjoyed coffee. When I was looking after coffee at Whitford, it was always Dean’s coffee (Five Senses) I would buy for our machine.

Cooling the beans after a roast – PNG AA

Last Friday I have the opportunity to meet Dean again, on his turf, down in Rockingham at the Five Senses head office. The trip was organized through Coffee Snob’s, Grendel. But my major interest (apart from catching up with Dean again) was to hear his heart for mission, fair trade and wealth distribution. (Oh – and “cupping” some FINE coffee!) He has an amazing heart for empowering people in the developing world with the ability to generate wealth and use their abilities to produce and market their wares.

The “Bean Store”

I highly commend Dean and his great team to you as a company with a heart for the marginalized of our world, but not just a heart, but a hand – actually reaching out making a difference…and making some incredible coffee along the way.

Dean at the small roaster.

Grendel’s Story here


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