Good Friday Service Here

We had a very powerful good Friday evening service here at our place with The Joondalup Thing crew.
Christine led us in a “Service of the Shadows” a powerful time of reading the passion narrative and with each reading someone blew out a candle until only the Christ candle was left on. This was finally covered until the room was in darkness, a piece of purple cloth was torn in two, then people got up and silently went home.
Powerful stuff!


2 thoughts on “Good Friday Service Here

  1. Great to hear about ur special times with God. We spent Good Friday travelling (feeling a little sick from the windy roads yet trying to enjoy the scenery of ‘the Forgotten Hwy’ at the same time). Easter Sunday Neale led us in a powerful devotional time down by the beach in New Plymouth. My mum asked ‘when did we go to church?’. Well, we know the answer to that don’t we!

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