and many were baptised on that day…

We went to Whitford Church this morning to see a friend (Graeme M) baptise his daughter, then this afternoon at 3 we went to the local beach to see Matty (otherendup) and his wife Tam baptise their 2 oldest jessie and Maddy. It was wild and stormy, so I give ’em top points for courage! It was fun for those gathered as well, we all felt like we had played some small part in bringing these kids to this point…and there were plenty of us watching, quite the crowd!


2 thoughts on “and many were baptised on that day…

  1. Ill say their brave!!

    My dad baptised me on easter sunday…1997! WHOA Its been 10 years!! WHOA….

    top points for courage to the kids, you woulda had to drag me by the feet to get me into that water!! Looks freezing!

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