Movie Recomendation to Youth Workers

Went and saw an Aussie movie last night around at Otherendup’s house with a few friends.
It is an “R” – so be warned. There is a rape scene and a graphic suicide shown…BUT, before you write it off, this movie was so well produced and written I am amazed it has not won more awards than it has.
2:37 is a contemporary, ensemble drama telling the complex tale of six high school students whose lives are interwoven with situations that so many of today’s youth are faced with.

The story takes place during a normal school day. At precisely 2:37 a tragedy will occur, affecting the lives of a group of students and their teachers.

As the story unfolds, the individual stories of the six teenagers are revealed, each with its own explosive significance. An unwanted pregnancy unravels a terrible, dark secret; all is not as it appears for the seemingly confident school football hero; an outcast must deal with everyday taunts from his peers; a beautiful young girl battles an eating disorder; a stellar student constantly struggles to win his parents’ approval; while another uses drugs to escape from his own demons.

2:37 is a thought-provoking cinematic journey that is at once beautiful, devastating, passionate, bold, controversial, unforgettable and above all, humane.

Every youth pastor and chaplain needs to see this movie!

There is a youtube clip which is long (over 6 minutes) and shows a lot, too much of the movie, I embedded it, then deleted it and replaced it with just a link, then deleted the link, if you want to see a 6and 1/2 minute video clip instead of the movie…find it on youtube!

There are some good previews on the 2:37 website.


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