Easter Saturday Blog Tweek

Just got inspired after mowing the lawn to mess with the blog. I moved it to the new blogger version a few months ago but have never taken advantage of all the easy to use bits…now I have I can’t remember what I had on the old blog…what was covering those dots at the top of the page? Oh and how did I get that Make Poverty Histy banner appear in the top right hand corner?
I must see if I can discover my Flikr site again. I put some new links in there too, did I lose your link? Let me know.

2 days till I go to Thailand!


One thought on “Easter Saturday Blog Tweek

  1. hey want the MAKEPOVERTYHISTORY band again – copy this into the top bart of the “body” of the html template

    < script type="text/javascript" src="http://gallery.makepovertyhistory.com.au/mph/whiteband_small_right.js"> /script

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