Good Movie?

I saw this link on Gareth’s blog. I would say it would be a movie worth watching. A movie with a message, like the one we watched at ACOM retreat this year – The Girl in The Cafe.

Black Gold“It threatens to… shock consumers into thinking again about what they are buying: Starbucks is now spearheading a public relations counter attack” – The Times
For every $3 cup of coffee the farmer earns three cents…


3 thoughts on “Good Movie?

  1. Powerful stuff – let’s hope lots of people get to see this and start asking a few questions – WHY is this kind of thing still happening and WHAT are we going to do about it? Aleast until the Starbucks counter offensive kicks in and takes that uncomfortable, yucky feeling away from the pit of my stomach……

  2. “Trade is more important to us than aid.”

    I’ve always shook my head at the $5 per cup of coffee recent phenomenon. We so quickly buy into the marketing of cool. If we become convinced something is worth the price, we will pay. Do any of us really think the best of coffee costs close to $4-5 to produce? Yeah, right. I’m not that old, but I remember going to a midwest U.S. diner and slapping down 25 cents for a bottomless cup of joe. I never paid more for coffee as when I started meeting with church leaders on a regular basis. That is scary when I realise that we really don’t live more awake than asleep, do we? But, I’ll happily pay anything for anything if it means that the people who put into the product get a fair cut of what I paid.

    And, as someone who grew up in a poor (by developed nation standards)farming community, I think all farmers worldwide are underpaid. I especially think, as the film will point out, that developing nation farmers are being exploited. Food is a necessary commodity and thanks to the hard labour put in by a relative few, we all pay amazingly cheap prices for the food we consume. Our world is a wonderful place filled with not just consumers, but producers as well. We seek justice as a command from our creator in part to keep this balance between consumer/producer in check.

    Sorry for the rambling, Vawz, but this hits a hot button for me.

    Thanks for the referral. Do you know when and where this film will be available?

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