Not So Handy Tips

Well my hand hurts, I have a headache and I have to fly to Kalgoorlie for the weekend to preach and teach and run run a retreat.
Sometimes when you feel least like doing something it turns out pretty good…that’s what I am relying on!
I have nothing to preach on for Sunday, but lots in my head. When you don’tpreach regularly it don’t come easy!
In fact I think everytime someone cuts my hand open my body reacts by droppingme into a bit of depression for a coupla days. Maybe also the fact they can’t find anything in there!

Then about 10 days after I get home from Kal I have to go to Thailand for a week to visit a leprosy colony with my new job. Should be interesting. Funny, as I have flown so much this year it just feels like another plane I am getting on. I keep thinking, gosh some people have needles togo overseas, I guess they don’t accept Aust. $$ over there, should I get a map? A Lonely Planet? I am going off the seat of my pants here!

Anyway, better run…walk


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