Handy Hints

Some time ago, almost a year, I fell off a fallen log and stabbed my hand. Turns out, from a scan a few months ago, I have 2 bits of wood still in there.
So, as I shared, the GP tried unsuccessfully to remove it a few weeks ago…nope, couldn’t find it, so he stitched me up and sends me off to a hand surgeon.
Today he opens me up again, along the same zip line, digs DEEP this time, he even pulled out lots of little bits of fatty and scar tissue, but can’t find the two bits of flippin‘ wood, one of which shows up on scans as 7mm long!
So he scratched his head and said, um…not sure…come back in a few weeks and we’ll see how it is.
Like cutting me open and stabbing me, scrapping the inside of my hand, making me bleed and stitching me back up again should have fixed it!!??

The ultra sound Dr made the most sense. He said that I should come to him first for a scan so he can mark where this wood is, then send me to the Dr so he can identify where it is.
Today’s Dr didn’t even have the scans to look at, in fact he couldn’t even find the report that cam with the scans!! Aghhh This typing is hurting, the numbness is wearing off…I have to do one more post…


2 thoughts on “Handy Hints

  1. I cannot believe you went through all that with no end result, sounds like the Medical profession needs prayer! My husband years ago remembers some metal hitting him but do you think he could find it, nope. About 6 months later that 3mm metal began to surface up between the thumb and index finger. We taped a cabbage leaf to the area for a few days and up she came. The body is amazing at deciphering what doesn’t belong and will take measures to evict it only not in our timing. All the best. Buy the way cabbage leaves have drawing properties, just ask a new mum who has had these gorgeous accessories added to her bra to help relieve mastitis.

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