Bra Boys

I don’t think I had ever been to an outdoor movie before, not sure. I know I have hosted one or two, but that is very backyard.
We had a boys night out last night, Matt and I rode the mighty Vespa’s and Ro, Dave, Breno and big Dick drove in to Leederville for an outdoor showing of the Bra Boys, the Maroobra surf dudes that were made famous by the riots the other year (last?) and also a big murder case in the news a few years ago. Kobi Abberton is one of the Abberton brothers in the movie you may have heard of, he is a kinda world champ in the surf. In fact some of the surf scenes in the show were expreeeeeem!

It is a doco, made by the Bra Boys so you don’t expect them to come out looking too bad 🙂 But I have to say that the sense of community and amazing secular example of discipleship stunned me and in fact convicted me. This movie should be a slap in the face for all of us in church who have ever used the terms “Doing life together” or “Lifestyle Discipleship” let me just say – WE KNOW NOTHING!
You might say, “Well you mean, ‘you know nothing'”. Nope, I mean YOU/US. If you have a discipleship model and a sense of family and brotherhood as effective as these guys had, you should be writing books and I’ll come to Koorong for your book signing!
We have much to learn me thinks.
Worth a watch if you can handle a few F bombs and punch ups.


2 thoughts on “Bra Boys

  1. Theres something to be said for “good gangs”…
    They interviewed them on 96 about a week ago and I remember thinking to myself about the discipleship that was occuring.

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